Kevin DeVries is the Founder & President of Grace Explorations. He is a father of champions, a son of immigrants, an inspirational speaker, explorer, entrepreneur, author, and national men’s ministry leader from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In addition to starting and selling several companies across diverse industries, Kevin served as a Director and Consultant for several faith-based, non-profit organizations across the country. As Founder & President of GRACE EXPLORATIONS, Kevin combines a business mind and a pastor’s heart with an explorer’s soul and a poet’s pen as a passionate voice reaching the hurting hearts of women and men. From 2009-2013, Kevin was a Lead Mountaineer for a group of scientists in search of Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat, Turkey which became the award-winning documentary: FINDING NOAH released in theaters nationwide in 2015, now available online. Kevin has climbed five of the seven continental summits, skied to the North Pole; expedition kayaked all five of the Great Lakes and is a Qualifier and Finisher of the infamous 2013 Boston Marathon. As a world explorer, he has traveled to over 65 Countries and Territories across six continents and forty-eight of the fifty United States. His lifelong goal is to complete what only a few dozen explorers have dared to dream and do: The Explorers Grand Slam – Climb the Seven Summits, and ski to the North and South Pole. To complete the challenge, Kevin needs to climb Mt. Everest and Mt. Vinson, the tallest peaks in Asia and Antarctica respectively along with skiing to the South Pole. Whether guiding climbers, ministering to men, bleeding words on paper, giving an inspirational talk, or leading a faith-based journey to the ends of the earth, Kevin embraces the experience economy where imagination is ignited to distill dreams into destiny.   


Join Explorer, Kevin DeVries, on his epic, five-summer adventure searching for Noah’s Ark at nearly 17,000 Ft. on Mt. Ararat, Turkey featured in the 2015 nationwide, award-winning documentary: FINDING NOAH for an intimate and intense encounter with biblical history buried under the ice of legendary myth. Come see and hear for yourself “the greatest discovery in life is Who finds you while you are looking for something else.” You’ll be fascinated and inspired by what Kevin has discovered for your own life.




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