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I Sought That Which I Could Not Find Only To Be Found By That Which I Could Not Lose – God’s Grace. – Kevin DeVries


Here are two of the most popular 45 minute to one hour Inspirational Talks Kevin DeVries delivers that were forged from the film FINDING NOAH

  • FINDING NOAH/FINDING GRACE – God’s majesty is revealed more in mystery than mastery. God’s glory is secrecy. The glory of mankind is the search. Proverbs 25:2 We’re all Noah searching for the same mystery of grace that filled a man with marvel while mankind drowned in madness. Genesis 6:8, 8:1 The greatest discovery in life is Who finds you when you are looking for something else. Ephesians 2:8-9
  • CLIMB YOUR MOUNTAIN  –  We’re all exiled, nameless kings and queens in a foreign country who must climb our own Mt. Ararat – ‘The Painful Mountain’ to discover our true names and powerful purpose. Numbers 23:21, Isaiah 45: 2,3 Discover the “thin air” where eternities weight thins time so wounds time cannot heal are healed with eternities touch. Psalm 121:1,2, Jeremiah 6:16

Mountaineering is the only sport that celebrates at halftime. The summit is halftime. Basecamp is the true summit. A successful life is halftime. A significant life is final. Returning to basecamp from the summit is a significant life. Most fatalities occur on the descent not the ascent towards the summit. A successful, safe living transforms into a significant, surprising life when we ascend AND descend the mountains of life. In God’s country, going out is going in and going up is going down. Grace Explorations will guide you on this inward journey because while we know you can climb faster alone we can climb further together.

Every Inspirational Talk begins with the 4.5 minute video: Finding Noah Kevin DeVries Intro


The Finding Noah Kevin DeVries Intro is a juxtaposition of two contrasting narratives.  The first is obvious and explicit – the search for Noah’s Ark. The second is oblique and implicit – the search for the heart, frozen in trauma like an Ark buried under several millennia of glacial ice. Every layer of ice excavated on Ararat is emblematic of the heart beginning to feel to heal. God concealed an Ark in awe so under its frozen frame we find our new names. The search for the Ark is about the recovery of our original glory as royal regents in a garden of awe.


CREATE AN UNFORGETTABLE EVENT (length: 2.5 to 3.5 hours)


  • 90-minute award-winning film: FINDING NOAH featuring Kevin DeVries 
  • 20-minute “Meet The Explorer” Q/A with Kevin DeVries
  • 10-minute intermission (Finding Noah DVD’s for Sale)
  • 5-minute Finding Noah Kevin DeVries Intro
  • 25-minute message FINDING NOAH/FINDING GRACE
  • Raise Funds As A Ticketed Dinner Theater Event* OR
  • Reach Your Community As A Free Event
  • Increase Attendance & Awareness Of Your Organization
  • Add Value To Members & Recruit New Members
  • Build Ministry Momentum & Study Guide Material**

For a ticketed dinner theater event, we recommend a Friday or Saturday night catered dinner 5:30pm, film 6:30pm, Q/A 8:00pm, intermission 8:20pm, vignette/message 8:30pm and dismiss 9:00pm. For a free (or ticketed) without dinner/with film event, we recommend a 6:30pm start and dismiss 9:00pm following the same schedule as above. For a ticketed dinner without film event, we recommend dinner 6:00pm, vignette/message (one hour instead of 30-minutes) 7:00pm, Q/A 8:00pm and dismiss 8:30pm. We recommend you promote your ministry/organization at the conclusion of dinner or film based on your choice of the above options. Q/A and vignette/message can be reversed and a breakfast, brunch or luncheon may also replace dinner following the same 2.5 to 3.5 hour schedule options.

Sample Unforgettable Event & “Meet The Explorer” PDF’S HERE & HERE
**FINDING NOAH MOVIE FINDING GRACE MESSAGE explores these contrasting themes: ark-awe, boat-brotherhood, criminals-climbers, discovery-mystery, eternity-time, finding-searching, guilt-shame, house-home, image-character, journey-destination, king-savage, law-grace, mind-heart, numbers-names, original sin-original glory, pain-purpose, right-real, success-significance, trauma-transcendence, vision-sight and wounds-wonder.


The following Inspirational Talks are offered for half/full day Men & Women’s Faith Conferences and or weekend Men’s Spiritual Retreats:

  • INTRODUCTION: Living A True & Mythic Life – Discover The Ancient/Future Path As A Rite of Passage Into Biblical Masculinity – Jeremiah 6:16
  • Sonship With God – Know You’re A Wonderful Son Before You Wield A Warriors Sword So Your Strength Can Heal Not Harm – Luke 15:11-32
  • Healing The Boy Inside The Man – Introduce Your Boyhood To Christ So The Boy As A Male Can Heal To Become A Man – Mark 10:13-16
  • The Ache Of Eve In A Garden Of Awe – Become A King Worthy Of A Queen & Throne When You Only Feel Naked And Alone – Genesis 2:4-25
  • Fail Forward Into Grace – Learn To Crawl Out Of Your Cave & Get Back Up When You’ve Given Up & Lost The Will To Live – I Kings 19:1-18
  • Life After Success – Find The Reason Why You Were Born So Your Successful & Safe Living Transforms Into A Significant & Surprising Life – Job 42
  • Talking To Ghosts – Loving Those Who Live But No Longer Love You As Fleeting Shadows In “The Paths Of The Dead” – Hosea 3
  • What’s In A Name? – Receive The New Name Grace Has Given You So You Are No Longer A Number Without A Face – Revelation 2:17
  • The Place Where Pain Heals – Find The River Of Living Water & The Four Healing Streams Of Eden To Heal Your Pain – Genesis 2:10 & Psalms 46:4 & John 4:13–14
  • A Tale Of Two Mountains – God Provides Where He Guides. Seeing Is Not Believing. Believing is seeing. Genesis 22:1-19; John 19,20:1-17
  • Into The Belly Of The Whale – The belly of the whale is where true transformation begins because something old ends. The end is our beginning. – Jonah 1 & 2
  • TRUE NORTH – We all seek an unknown point until we know the point: The Destination Is The Journey – 2005 North Pole Ski Expedition & Job 38:29,30
  • An Audience of One – Your Life Is More Than A Series Of Mistakes & Sins. Your Life Is A Sequence Of Mysteries & Secrets. Your Unanswerable Questions Can Only Be Answered With God’s Unquestionable Self. – Job 38-41

The purpose for all Inspirational Talks is to create what the early Celtic Christians called a “thin place.” By setting aside sacred space with Worship (if applicable/available), Workshop and Waiting sessions, the weight of eternity wrinkles time with God’s smiling face of grace fulfilling our mission as a spiritual guide service to “help wandering and wounded hearts find home and healing in Christ.”

Healing happens in a glorious garden where CHRIST as a river of living water flows into four streams (Genesis 2:10, Psalm 46:4, John 4:13–14). We believe the four streams of healing are: CHURCH – corporate celebration and communion as the Bride of Christ (Ephesians 5:25–27); COUNSEL – professional faith- based therapy and pastoral counsel (Proverbs 15:22); COMMUNITY – doing life together as a Band of Brothers/Sisters (Acts 2:42-47); CONTEMPLATION – prayer, scripture meditation before an Audience of One (Psalm 46:10). Where these four streams converge and compliment each other, healing happens. To exempt one compromises the whole. We seek wholeness – the cure of sin through confession to Christ (I John 1:9) and the healing of shame through confession in a redemptive community in Christ (James 5:16).

Kevin DeVries as seen in the promotional video for Hearts Alive & Free Men’s Weekend:



Kevin DeVries is a Keynote Inspirational Speaker, Entrepreneur-Explorer, Author-Adventurer, Dutch immigrants’ son and loving father of two from Grand Rapids, MI. In addition to starting and selling several companies across diverse industries, Kevin served as a Director and Consultant for several faith-based, non-profit organizations across the country. As Founder & President of GRACE EXPLORATIONS, “a spiritual guide service helping wandering and wounded hearts find home and healing in Christ”, Kevin combines a business mind and a pastor’s heart with an explorer’s soul and a poet’s pen as a passionate voice reaching the hurting hearts of women and men.

From 2009-2013, Kevin was a Lead Mountaineer for ARK SEARCH, LLC engaged in a scientific search of Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat, Turkey. Kevin has climbed five of the seven continental summits, skied to the North Pole; expedition kayaked all five of the Great Lakes and is a 2013 Boston Marathon Qualifier and Finisher. His lifelong goal is to complete what only a few dozen explorers have dared to dream and do: The Explorers Grand Slam – Climb the Seven Summits and Ski to the North and South Pole. To complete the challenge, Kevin needs to climb Mt. Everest and Mt. Vinson, the tallest peaks in Asia and Antarctica respectively along with skiing to the South Pole.


Join Explorer, Kevin DeVries, on his epic, five-summer adventure searching for Noah’s Ark at nearly 17,000 Ft. on Mt. Ararat, Turkey featured in the 2015 nationwide, award-winning documentary: FINDING NOAH for an intimate and intense encounter with biblical history buried under the ice of legendary myth. Come see and hear for yourself “the greatest discovery in life is Who finds you while you are looking for something else.” You’ll be fascinated and inspired by what Kevin has discovered for your own life.


THE MESSAGE is not a five step “how to” sermon that controls the mystery of God in a formula based on our own fear and shame. THE MESSAGE is about suffering that gives true sight. It is a message where beauty rises from the ashes because the grace of God is clothed in our ashes, dancing in the glorious ruins of God’s severe mercy that faithfully hurts because it finally heals. THE MESSAGE isn’t about sin management but shame mismanagement. This is not another fraudulent “I found Noah’s Ark” inspirational talk. Neither is it a scientific discourse debating evolution versus creationism or old earth versus new earth theories all of which I am neither qualified nor interested however important to engage.

THE MESSAGE is about the true, mythic journey every person must embark upon to recover their heart like the Ark frozen in ice as the last remaining link to a shimmering world now lost in the flood of shame. A heart that lives without shame and pain is as mysterious as the pre-flood antediluvian world. Instead of imagining a lost world where larger than life dinosaurs roamed and rumbled the ground like massive tanks and flew in the air like fighter jets and mankind could live to be a thousand years old, imagine where dragons of fear are killed with kindness, memories lost are found and even hope and faith are drowned in an ocean of love. Imagine an earthly paradise where hurts can finally be healed with the weapon of wonder that is only a shadow of the City of Light yet to come. FINDING GRACE is finding the same mystery that filled a man with marvel while a world drowned in madness.


When Men And Mountains Meet

Great things are done when men and mountains meet. – William Blake

Finding the Depth of Man

The tag line for Finding Noah reads: “Beyond myth, science, and faith lies something deeper.” But what exactly does that mean? If time can only tell what eternity has to say, what is the depth of this statement trying to tell us? What can be so deep as to be beyond even our faith? Can myth become fact? Will science someday give way to the supernatural? How can eternities weight thin time into what the early Celtic Christians called a “thin place” – a place where anything can happen in time because it has already happened in eternity? These deep questions can drown a shallow man. But there is hope beyond hope for all of us. There is depth in the heart of every man that only eternity can fathom. We live in time, but we are made for eternity. When hope only hinders and faith fails, love alone prevails. Hope helps. Faith believes. Love knows. The bridge from hope and faith to love is an act of grace apart from us.

Finding Our Purpose

And from the place where grace dances among the glorious ruins of our original glory, we discover this: We are all Noah. We are all searching for the same mystery that filled a man with marvel (Genesis 6:8) while a world drowned in madness. In Finding Noah, God’s mystery disguises miserable monarchs as mythic mountaineers. We climb misery to find our message. When we find Noah, we find what is most true about ourselves – we’re all exiled kings in a foreign country, wandering a wasteland of wounds who must climb our own Mt. Ararat – “The Painful Mountain” to discover our purpose. Pain encrypts purpose. Find your pain to find your purpose. Your destiny is formed and most often found in suffering. The same is true of your heart. It is the chamber where eternity resides (Ecclesiastes 3:11). The true and greatest journeys are always within. Everything you need you cannot see unless God’s grace has first opened the eyes of your heart to a secret kingdom only the child within can enter (Matthew 18:3).

Finding Ourselves in God’s Mystery

We know from Proverbs 25:2 that God’s glory is secrecy. The glory of monarchs is the search, so God’s majesty is revealed not in mastery but mystery – a mystery that answers our unanswerable questions with God’s unquestionable Self. Mystery that cloaks itself in the shrouded mists of a mountain’s hallowed halls and ragged ravines rustling with the rumor of a King’s return and with it our original glory as well. This same mystery crowns white, wispy peaks with a crown and robes shoulders with majesty as if they were our own. What else can transcend the savage within to crown us as nobles and give us a new and numinous name except the love of God to us as His beloved sons? Love is the mountain that conquers us as we climb towards God. We are climbers not criminals. We must descend to ascend and heal. Nothing heals in thin air. We are patients not prisoners. Pain is more than punishment. We hurt to heal. We cannot heal if we cannot feel. Guilt convicts and hurts to heal. Shame condemns and hides to harm. Guilt is good. Shame is bad. Guilt says you’ve made a mistake. Shame says you are a mistake.

Pain therefore is the passport that takes us to places pleasure has neither the courage to go nor stay. It bends our will so we are formed into the beautiful likeness of God’s Son. It breaks barriers so we pass without sound into a great silence. A silence so deep and profound it can only be shattered by the same silvery voices that sung like morning stars when time was only a wrinkle on eternities face. Pain is heavens salty tears dripping into our wounds made by weapons that have both wrought and wrecked us with wonder. It is the final portal we must pass before we enter into paradise where death drowns in dreams of life that never end. Do we know anything before we suffer? Hardly. Death is the final suffering before we truly know.

Finding A New Beginning

Timeless trauma can only be healed with transcendent time. Sometimes we have to travel to the ends of the earth to reach the end of ourselves and find a new beginning in God that never ends. And what do we find in the end? An Ark? You’ll have to discover that for yourself. In our search for the Ark of History, we found the Arc of our Story. Finding Noah is more than about finding a boat. It’s about a brotherhood found in Christ. Chaos creates calling and misery moves men to climb mountains to make a movie with a message so large it can only be read from the final frontier of the heart. A message from eternity that echoes into time: The greatest discovery in life is Who finds you when you are looking for something else.

Don’t lose heart. If you cannot change your circumstances, allow God to change your character instead. There is great hope in that. More than that, you’ll find a Father’s love awaiting your prodigal return as a true and mythic mountaineer searching for an Ark inside your painful heart. Join me and my fellow Ark Explorers and see Finding Noah for an intimate and intense encounter with biblical history buried under the ice of legendary myth. You’ll be fascinated and inspired.