It is not down on any map; true places never are.  

– Herman Melville 




Grace Explorations is a space where people with names create real community and conversation based on a common purpose. We are not a place where programs with numbers create religious consumers and commentators based on a colorful personality. Community cares. Consumers critique. 



We are a redemptive community. We are not a religious culture. Relationships heal. Religion hurts.



We pursue original glory and heal with honor. We do not police original sin or help with hiding. Pilgrims journey. Performers judge. Ditch the treadmill. Dare the trail. 



We promote stories. We do not preach sermons. Stories touch. Sermons tell.



We perform soul surgery on patients. We do not pronounce sentence on prisoners. Guilt convicts. Shame condemns.



We care more about acceptance and becoming right. We care less about agreeing and being right. Real persuades. Right politics.



We welcome returning prodigals. We wound religious Pharisees. Authenticity attracts. Hypocrisy alienates.



We dialogue. We do not debate. We don’t hide & hurt behind religious curriculum. We hear & heal before real community in conversation. Grace humbles. Pride humliates.  



We end arguments with awe. We do not begin arguments that end awfully. Grace awes. Mercy accepts. Justice argues.



We fail forward. We do not succeed backwards. Failure impacts. Success impresses.



We are catalytic leaders. We are not micro managers. Leaders create. Managers control. 



We explore. We do not settle. Pioneers do. Settlers dream. Explorers take the arrows, name the land & bring back the map.  



We are a Band of Brothers with names and faces. We are not a building of bodies with numbers and places. Brothers bond. Buildings break.  



We climb mountains to change our character. We do not curse mountains to change our circumstances.  Climbers conquer. Complainers crumble. 



We are a fellowship of the heart. We are not a federation of minds. Hearts feel. Heads formulate.


We are beloved sons. We are not betrayed slaves. Sons belong. Slaves behave. 



We are a league of extraordinary gentlemen. We are not emasculated males. Males commit crime. Men change countries. Males are born. Men are made. We initiate males into men.  



We compliment the church. We do not compete with the church. Missional models multiply. Doctrinal distinctive’s divide. 



We are a safe space for people to process a dangerous message. We are not a dangerous place for programs to promote a safe message. Truth frees. Legalism fears.



We are followers of Christ. We are not fans of Christ. Followers  change. Fans clap.






From the ends of the earth to the edge of eternity,

Grace Explorations will climb every mountain

march every field and sail every sea

in the relentless  pursuit of our original glory

created in the image of Christ. 


We will embark on a heroic quest whose only guarantee is a  

 changed life upon an uncertain return as God’s great secrets

 are revealed when a man returns from his great search. 


We will walk ancient paths into pain, power and purpose

 where the future is past to find timeless truth and arrive

where we were first meant to be.


We will drown into destiny to discover the journey is the

destination to every point unknown except to God in order to

 make Him known.


We will go where few dare to go to 

live our deepest and truest life as a waking dream where the 

weight of eternity thins time into a “thin place.”


 We will touch the undiscovered country within to reach the

naked soul of man and read what a sword of words bled from

a painful pen writes as a text of tears.


We will adventure into awe further than sight can see where

weapons of wonder hurt to heal and help us find home on

the far side of a strange sea this side of heavens shore.  


 From the furthest shore to the final frontier, Grace

Explorations will never stop exploring God’s Amazing Grace.

Where “there be dragons” there is also grace even unto the

ends of the earth and ourselves to find a new beginning in

God that never ends.