Our ministry had the privilege of hosting Kevin DeVries over a five-day period in September 2016. We partnered with local churches, several businesses, a Christian school, Trail Life Scouting and other parachurch ministries on 13 different events with audiences totaling over 6,000. From our opening correspondence months prior until the end of the last engagement, Kevin was a delight to work with. With large or small audiences, Kevin’s presentations were captivating and inspirational. He did a great job of tying personal stories with Scriptural truths. I was amazed with the way Kevin was able to discern exactly what each group needed and then to deliver his message without any notes straight from the heart. He was timely and professional in every setting. There were many people in the audience who were deeply impacted. We are looking forward to bringing Kevin back to the Greater Kansas City area in the near future.

Rod Handley
Founder & President 
Character That Counts

Your message was so abundant with His life that I am still processing what you shared. I tried taking notes but surrendered to the power of the Holy Spirit. Your message poured into me with such sweetness all I could do was cry. I was so refreshed when I left that I brought this message home to my family. Kevin you are so gifted in communicating God’s perfect love into another man’s heart. Many men were trying to hide their tears at the end of your message of hope.

Tom Scott @ Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 4/30/16
I have read where it was said that “climbers never conquer a mountain, the mountain allows them to the top.” Kevin DeVries said that. Before Kevin joined our team, he had already climbed five of the tallest mountains on five continents of the world and skied to the North Pole. The mountains I referred to are Mount Kosciuszko in Australia, Mount Elbrus in Europe, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mount McKinley in Alaska, and Cerro Aconcagua in South America. He was certainly well qualified with the knowledge and the physical ability to climb Mount Ararat in Turkey. But it would be on Mount Ararat where he would meet more than the challenge of the climb. More on that in a minute.

As I recall it was in 2009 when I first met Kevin DeVries. We were organizing a climb to search for Noah’s Ark on Ararat, and we needed an expert ice climber and mountain survivalist. Kevin proved to the team over the years 2009 to 2013 that he was the man for the job. Along with climber Holt Condren, Kevin was there to lead the climbs and teach us how to survive on the ice. In one case, I remember Kevin helping me crawl out of a collapsed tent and into the safety of another tent during a terrible storm at the 16,700 foot level of Ararat. Kevin was there to ensure our safety and put his heart into the effort to locate the ark regardless of where or how deep in the ice it might be. It was there, as is brought out in the movie “Finding Noah” where his heart would have a close encounter with the Lord. Without question, Kevin has found his ark – of salvation. I am blessed to have met and worked with Kevin on our team.

Captain Richard Bright
Expedition Leader & Owner, Ark Search LLC
Kevin’s genuine passion to explore is matched by his genuine desire to minister to men with transparency and authenticity. He is a rare man whom God has raised up for such a time as this. Kevin has traveled from Maine to Montana, from Virginia to Wisconsin and many places in between sharing his story (at our ISI Men’s Conferences). It’s a story of God’s Grace – a story worth telling and one that men want to hear.

Brian Doyle
Founder & President
Iron Sharpens Iron
As former professional athletes and successful entrepreneurs that landed our own HGTV reality series, we understand to truly succeed one must first learn how to fail. Our friend, Kevin DeVries, believes that failing is not opposition but an opportunity to move forward. He’s faced his fears, died to his dreams and stood for Christ whatever the cost – and his life teaches us to fail forward so we don’t have to succeed backwards. If you want to climb higher than the false summit of a successful, shallow life towards the true summit of a significant, lasting legacy, Kevin DeVries is the spiritual guide who can lead you there.

David & Jason Benham
Benham Brothers
We were very blessed to have Kevin DeVries on staff at our church for several years. Since then, he has encountered several lifetimes of experiences. When you think in terms of the “highs” and “lows” of life, Kevin has known both. He recently spoke at our men’s breakfast and really did an incredible job. Men of all ages were riveted to his every word. Kevin’s authenticity is as rare as the air he breathed on the mountains of Ararat. Kevin is an excellent communicator who is able to weave his personal experiences and Scripture together in a relevant way that connects with everyone in the room. God’s love and grace is very evident in both his words and his life. I highly recommend Kevin DeVries.

Rocky Barra Sr.
Lead Pastor
Connection Church
There are not many men out there that are willing and able to do what Kevin does so well which is to speak right into the heart of a person. He is a highly gifted communicator of truth. He has a way to make complicated things easy to understand. His vulnerability makes his message real and easy to relate with. When you invite Kevin to speak you are inviting much more than just another speaker. You are inviting a man that not only loves God but in many ways understands Him. He is that good.

Pablo Giacopelli
Founder & Author
The Zone Project
Kevin spoke to our men’s group and did an amazing job connecting with our men. He is a very good communicator that speaks to the heart. Kevin has experienced and accomplished things that most men only dream of. I have known Kevin for several years. I personally enjoy hearing about his experiences and his journey which continues. I highly recommend Kevin as a speaker.

Tom Smith
Senior Associate Pastor
Resurrection Life Church – Grandville
Kevin presented his workshop titled: Finding Noah – Finding Grace for a group of men at one of our recent Iron Sharpens Iron Conferences. The response was tremendous. One pastor said that Kevin had one of the most compelling testimonies he had ever heard following that with, “And I’ve heard a lot of testimonies!” Men were drawn to his life of adventure and his story. As a matter of fact, his room was still nearly full long after the time for the workshop was expired. When one man is willing to be transparent and vulnerable, other men are drawn to this and encouraged to wrestle with their own shortcomings. Kevin was able to help men get to that point. We’ll invite him back again.

Mike Young
Executive Director
Noble Warriors
We had Kevin speak at our men’s breakfast and two weekend services. He was such a blessing and each service was moving. I continue to hear fruit from his message that was honest, vulnerable and Spirit – anointed. One lady said to me that she knew we really did love single people and those single again because I had Kevin speak. Another man said for the first time since his divorce he sensed God’s love and freedom from guilt. I look forward to having Kevin again next year.

Nate Elarton
Lead Pastor
Compelled Church
Kevin has faced physical, relational, financial and spiritual death….and came out on the other side knowing the love of Christ through great depths. Let him speak into your life and see what new adventures God brings your way!

Rocky Barra Jr.
Worship & Arts Associate
Slingshot Group
Having worked closely with Kevin during our expeditions to Mt. Ararat in some of the most extreme environments and grueling conditions, I can testify that he is a superb servant-leader. When we ascended the mountain at night to 17,000 feet, Kevin led our group to the summit, encouraging us along the way by writing motivating messages ahead of us in the snow.

Off the mountain, Kevin continued to exhibit a careful and compassionate spirit, directing our team to think spiritually and to trust in God’s greater purpose in all that we were doing. Despite some of the most difficult circumstances one can experience in this life, Kevin has maintained his courageous faith and been an inspiration to others. Kevin has my highest recommendation as a leader and motivator of men!

Randall Price, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Center for Judaic Studies
Liberty University
Kevin and I have survived many long, cold nights on Mount Ararat together. We forged a friendship while enduring challenges on that mountain that few will ever experience. His insight into God’s wonderful gift of grace was just the right prescription for me as I walked through a dark point in my life. I have the highest regard for this man’s heart. If you’re looking for someone to speak hope and life into your men, Kevin DeVries is an excellent choice. His raw authenticity really connects.

Holt Condren
Founder & Author
Surf The Woods
I’ve seen Kevin DeVries at his best and at his worst. He came into our ministry hobbling and broken, and through the love of other men (none of whom he knew), helped carry his load until he miraculously found his footing underneath him and his voice again. Through that experience he was able to allow others to see a man rise from the ashes and find hope and a new message.

Nothing is better than to see a man find the courage to walk into his darkness, find something glorious there, pick it up, hold it, and let Jesus re-craft it into a new and sturdy foundation. Kevin did that. But he didn’t go there by himself. He took us with him and we took him with us into our own darkness in order to find the rising sun. A real, raw, no-holds barred, non-judgmental community of ragamuffins for Christ helped Kevin DeVries find a way to connect to the hearts of others. We are so thrilled to have others hear his message of Grace.

Kevin Miles
Go The Distance Ministries 
One of the beautifully broken, Kevin DeVries’ authenticity and transparency inspires and convicts as he boldly shares Abba’s unconditional love with Pharisees and Prodigals alike. Of all of Kevin’s noble adventures, his journey into his own heart to face his own darkness is by far his most courageous. Along the way, Kevin drank deeply from the well of God’s scandalous grace and has learned to not hide his glorious limp. Kevin’s gift of articulating his journey calls to the heart of all men…wooing them to step into the darkness and embark upon their own adventure of knowing themselves. I’m a better man for knowing Kevin DeVries.

Traylor Lovvorn
Life & Recovery Coach
Route 1520
Hollywood can make a real movie about men of faith. These are cool guys. They are incredible guys. Kevin DeVries…what a wonderful man. He has the heart of a lion. These are the men I want to share with America.

Brent Baum
Finding Noah
I met Kevin DeVries during a special screening of the film “Finding Noah.”  Since I have got to know Kevin and listen to his testimonial story, I have a greater appreciation of his humility and his love for Christ.  He is authentic, vulnerable and his heart is to be so transparent that others see this transparency and want it for themselves. At every venue Kevin speaks, he touches men’s lives and fills the room.  It is a reality check for men in the world we live in today.

Darrel Billups, Th.D.
NCMM, Executive Director
National Coalition of Ministries to Men
Kevin led packed out workshops at two of our Iron Sharpens Iron men’s conferences this year. He poured his heart out to our men through his amazingly transparent testimony and story. Men came face-to-face with their own life struggles as Kevin shared openly about his personal journey of faith. He even went the extra mile and took time with each man who wanted to talk with him well after his session was over. Classy. I highly recommend Kevin as a speaker; I know that we will be inviting him back!

Roy Abbott
Focal Point Ministries
Many are called to speak into the broken hearts of men and women, but only a few are chosen. Through his own intimate knowledge, Kevin DeVries has experienced how Jesus heals the brokenhearted. He is God’s chosen vessel to help lead others on the journey of discovering their greatness. His speaking style is captivating as your heart is unlocked with every word describing the Father’s love. Kevin has the ability to administer God’s grace through his authenticity and vulnerability. Kevin understands the single life. He serves as a valuable member of the ResLife Singles Ministry Committee, providing sound advice and trusted counsel. And he is a dear friend!

Stewart Scott Gurley
Associate Pastor
Resurrection Life Church – Grandville

God has taken Kevin DeVries, like he did Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, through the valleys and mountaintops of life, with all the joys, trials, and scars involved. I met Kevin as a quiet 9th grader where I had the privilege of teaching and coaching him in Cross Country. We spent long fall days running together, building more than our physical stamina. We spoke of life and goals, of girls and God.

In the subsequent years, Kevin has experienced the pain of broken relationships in a way only God could have orchestrated. Yet, through all of that, God has Kevin right where He wants  him. God brought Kevin and I back together through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It was our privilege to have Kevin speak to the athletes at the FCA Camp at Albion College. As he related his life story, students were touched in dramatic ways, hard hearts melted, tears flowed and healing began. May God continue to use you, Kevin, as His vessel of mercy and peace.

Rock Campbell
Multi-Area Director, Michigan Fellowship of Christian Athletes