SESSION 5: Receiving a New Identity

STORY JOURNAL – Session Five

Why do you think Peter went back to fishing?

What is the difference between coming to God with a clenched fist, as opposed to an open hand?

As you reinterpret your story and begin to see it through the lens of the Gospel, share some experiences where God has met you in your story.  Maybe take some time to get alone and ask God to reveal the places where he wants to teach you, show you something, or give you new insight.  Spend some time looking at redemption stories in the Bible like King David’s or Mary Magdalene’s.  Read Psalm 139 and then bring these questions to Him and journal what lands in your heart.

God, who am I to you?

God, what are you trying to show me in my story?

God, where have you been at work in my story?

God, who have you used in my story to show grace and speak truth to me?


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